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Serial Number Production Date Tables for various American pocket watches.
The following links use the serial number of the watch movement (NOT THE CASE) to determine the approximate age of your watch.
NOTE: Production date by serial number information is not guaranteed to be accurate, and is provided as a public service to our customers.

American Waltham Watch Company Production Dates

Ball Watch Company Production Dates

Columbus Watch Company Production Dates

Elgin National Watch Company Production Dates

Elgin National Watch Company Factory Pictorial
"A Factory Grows on the Fox River"

Hamilton Watch Company Production Dates

Hamilton Watch Company Grade by Serial Number

Hampden (Dueber) Watch Company Production Dates

Illinois Watch Company Production Dates

New York Watch Company Production Dates

Rockford Watch Company Production Dates

Seth Thomas Watch Company Production Dates

South Bend (Studebaker) Watch Company Production Dates

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